How to edit text on existing WordPress Pages

You hired a WordPress Developer to create you a beautiful website, but now you have a few minor text updates that you’d like to do yourself. This saves you from hiring a freelancer to update your site or management fees to a developer as updating text is a very simple process.  —  This brief article will provide you with the basics of updating text on an existing WordPress Page with no prior experience or advance knowledge needed.

1. View all Pages by selecting “Pages > All Pages” on the left navigation ribbon.

2. Once you see your list of website pages, hover over the page you’d like to edit and click “edit”.

You’re now in the edit page view where you can make changes to your web page including text. The page won’t look like your actual page, but the contents of the page will be recognizable and in chronological order as they appear on the active website page.

3. Scroll down to the text you’d like to edit. Hover over the text, and click “Edit Text Block”.

4. Now, you can update the text within the “Text Block” accordingly as you’d like it to read on your website (highlighted).

5. Once you’ve edited the text, click “Save Changes” on the bottom of the Text Block Settings Window.

6. To save your changes, click “Update” in the top right corner. As a best practice, view your active website page to confirm that your updates went through.

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