Welcome to my new website!

Hello, my name is Justin, and welcome to my new website! I am a digital advertising expert, and I have big plans for this site. The website isn’t fully developed quite yet, but I had to act fast once I found my domain. You can’t imagine how hard it is to find a good domain with such a popular amazing name.

Updates will be rolling out shortly. In the meantime, feel free to reach out and connect with me via LinkedIn if you would like to learn more. Enjoy!

Take care,

Justin Jones


Digital Advertising

The right message to the right user at the right time at the right price.

Email, Native, Paid Search, Programmatic, Video

Social Media

Premium ad copy, creative, and targeting tactics built for performance at scale.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter

Web Development

Light weight responsive web design built for performance across all devices.

Analytics, Design, Hosting, SEO, Management

Passion Projects

Small Business & Non-Profit Organizations

Catchafire is a community of individuals striving to push the social good sector forward by focusing on efficient and effective ways to give back. One way we do this is by matching professionals with nonprofits based on their skills, cause interest and time availability.

“Working with Justin was a wonderful experience! He helped us completely revamp our Google AdWords campaign, working within the constraints of our AdWords Grant to greatly increase the visibility and effectiveness of our ads. Throughout our project, he was incredibly gracious and willing to answer all our questions. We definitely could not have done this project without him!”

Mia K, Project Manager
Turtle Bay Music School

What I do at Yahoo!

As a Performance Account Manager I provide strategic and tactical guidance to premium, search, native, programmatic, & video advertisers within the Retail vertical. I manage an incredibly talented digital advertising team of eight to drive performance/revenue across three advertising platforms (BrightRoll, Yahoo Gemini, Yahoo Premium).

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